SUNNYSLOPE is a neighborly area we love. Once in the county, today Sunnyslope is inside the City of Phoenix - some even call the area ‘downtown’. This area is connected to North Mountain and Shaw Butte (the mountain further north) and is north of Northern Avenue and is considered east & west of Central Avenue. Positives for Sunnyslope include schools, restaurants, and a micro-brewery along with improvements to Mountain View Park and trail rehab in the Mountain Preserve. A garden area finally opened with the help of many folks so start growing your favorites at Mountain View Park! Even new home construction is occurring while rehabing older homes has begun also. We are friends, family, and neighbors here in the heart of Phoenix. Concerns about LED streetlights translated into a solution. Today, other activities exist including solar ovens! Here updates cover the problem, solution, and now 2018-19 improvements being made with LED streetlights. Hopefully, the attachments here cover the LED street and park lighting decisions as the technology matures. The transition to LED lights is resulting in new fixtures city wide. Sunnyslope Neighbors
BE CAREFUL: Always have ‘gallons’ of cool drinking water at home and in your car. On hikes double your water and go for a short hike early. Carry extra water for your dog too! At home do chores early and lay low in the afternoon. BE CAREFUL, check on your neighbors - and make sure the AC unit / or evap. cooler is AOK too - change filters! > DOGS are not allowed in the Preserves when temperature is over 100 degrees.
This Sun Oven is a great design that can heat to 250-400 degrees winter and summer. Many other box style solar ovens can work in Sunnyslope also. Lots of sunshine here! This oven avoids heating up the house when making dinner. Bakes great brownies, banana bread, etc.! Making a solar oven out of a couple large boxes and clear plastic ‘window’ is a great way to get started. Arizona Science Center does solar ovens and you can find more under ‘solar cooker’ here.
GREAT Solar Oven for baking everything! Sun Ovens International Inc., Elburn, Illinoois USA
Unique Restaurants Near or In The Slope! North Mountain Brewing Dunlap/5th Street (back door off Eva St.) - here! Mi Pueblo (Baja) here! Rocket Burger Shop (sodas too) here! Timo Wine Bar here! Wheel & Spoke here! Ladera Taverna y Cocina here! THAI THAI Kitchen here! NEWEST = Little Miss BBQ Sunnyslope here!
WOW! Oven at 340 degrees during sunny weather year around!