In the light fixture (above) the spectrum, has an unusually high amount of blue. This blue is like daylight and is problematic. Located on Hatcher street the horrible, blinding, plus bad glare are what folks have described as problematic for bicycles riders and pedestrians. This cobra head streetlight (above) is considered unhealthy for people and wildlife because it is 4000 Kelvin - the daylight at nighttime effect. This ‘daylight’ streetlight is on Hatcher Street near Central Ave. (2017). Update: LED bad streetlights are being replaced with better 2700K fixture - 2019 about 100,000 have been replaced in City of Phoenix.
YUCK daylight all night long
This LED streetlight 4000K
SUNNYSLOPE is a neighborly area we love. Once part of the county, today Sunnyslope is within the City of Phoenix -some folks even call it ‘downtown’. Many positives exist for Sunnyslope including the Mountain Preserves, parks, good restaurants and new neighbors. See some here! New 2700 Kelvin Light Emitting Diodes (LED) streetlights are popping up everywhere in the City of Phoenix! A few years ago the city decided to replace old High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights with new LED streetlights. Soon many neighborhoods began seeing the ‘horrible’, blue, 4000 Kevin LED streetlights. The unusual ‘blue spike’ of LED lights was not understood and the city survey had basic flaws. Yet the majority of residents showed that they did not like the ‘test’ 4000K LED streetlights. Based on professional experience of several neighbors who recognized and explained the potential health issues to aids and council members. The points related to bad LED lights for us, wildlife, and our quality of life that Phoenicians cherish became a base line. The team helped block- watch groups, city staff, and council members learn about the LED problems and a solution. The newer 2700K LED street and park lights matched with excellent energy efficiency. The Phoenix City Council, approved 9-0 the bid for 2700 Kelvin streetlights (about 100,000) on 11-30- 16. Soft White Wins! Installation since then make the transition of streetlights nearly complete in 2019. However, new lights in Parks will be more incremental over a decade. Many towns and cities are now choosing ‘soft-white’ LED. More about LED here. Channel 12 report showing many folks don’t like painful, bright, LED lights (10/7/16). News Channel 3 & 5 segment.
GOOD News! Click here.      Thank your Phoenix City Council members for making a smart choice and selecting 2700 Kelvin LED streetlights. Plus, the Streets Transportation and Parks & Recreation Directors reconsidered the newest models and picked a better hue - 2700K!        To contact the Mayor and your City Council member:
City of Phoenix survey was unclear on web site… …but more then half the Phoenicians that took the survey did not like the 4000K LED streetlights. Neighborhood groups and many associations also asked the City to reconsider new street and park lighting. Neighborhood Block Watch leaders asked the City to reconsider LED lights and specify 2700K fixtures for most applications! Phoenicians found the city departments willing to take a second look at the rapidly improving LED technology. A second look found the request of neighborhoods of 2700 Kelvin LED possible with excellent energy efficiency. So everyone got better, safer, LED lighting on our streets and parks!
The blue hue from LED lights like this one on Hatcher are being avoided now as the City of Phoenix replaces this fixture with newer ‘soft-white’ LED rated at 2700K!
AVOIDING Blue Hue from Light Emitting Diode (LED) for night lighting is the smart thing to do!