Mountain View Park II ballfields are next to North Mountain Preserve. The 2700 Kelvin LED are better for wildlife, parks, and neighborhoods. City of Phoenix is a leader in using energy efficient LED & specifying 2700 Kelvin fixtures for streets and parks!!
LED rated at 2700 Kelvin, (soft-white), are good choices for streets and parks.
MOUNTAIN VIEW PARK received new LED lighting in 2018 designed to use 2700 Kelvin LED. Now most street lights and parks will have soft-white fixtures. Parking lot & playground with various fixtures using 2700K LED.
PHOENIX TENNIS CENTER has excellent lighting for night time fun and events! Click here to see enlarged pdf.
Historic Encanto Park preserved fixtures while replacing incandescent bulbs with 3600K LED bulbs in 2015. In 2016 City of Phoenix chose 2700K LED for future fixtures! Click here.
Much less blue with LED rated at 2700 Kelvin. A great choice! Click here to see better LED lighting.
A High Pressure Sodium fixture and the 4000K LED street lights installed on a City of Phoenix Park driveway. Click here.